The Entwhistle Experiment – Unglued (Book 2)

Book 2: Unglued

In this second adventure of Horatio Entwhistle and his friends, Horatio finds the solvent for his Stupendous Glue with the help of his nemesis, Snowball the cat.  Before he can perfect the solvent, however, he and his friends Ming and Wheels are thrust into a life threatening adventure involving counterfeit money, stolen credit cards, fake passports, the discovery of a severed finger in an incinerator and the capture of Ming’s cousin, Grace, by ruthless criminals.

Once again it is up to Horatio, Wheels in his turbo-charged wheelchair and Ming Yi, with her extraordinary lock-picking skills, to beat the criminals, and save Grace. And once again, Horatio’s Stupendous Glue proves how very stupendous it is.

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