The Entwhistle Experiment – Stuck (Book 3)

Book 3: Stuck

Poor Snowball! The cat may hiss whenever he sees Horatio Entwhistle, but he doesn’t deserve to have his fur dyed bright green! He also doesn’t deserve to be catnapped, which is nearly what happens before Horatio, Wheels Petersen, and Ming-Yi Lee stumble across a burglary in progress. Snowball is safe—for now. But what are the crooks after?

Horatio, Wheels, Ming, and Ming’s cousin, Grace, decide to put their heads together to solve Snowball’s secret. After their previous adventures, the four have proved they’re up for the challenge. Horatio is an extraordinary inventor, Wheels a master of his tricked-out wheelchair, and Ming a lock-picking champion. Ming finds her cousin annoying, but Grace proves to have hidden talents that just might save the day!

Perfect for the adventurous young inventor in your life, this book follows Horatio and his friends as they tackle challenges with logical thinking and a zeal for finding truth and obtaining justice. The Entwhistle Experiment series celebrates the friends’ differences and shows how the unique talents of each one contribute to solving the mystery. The exploits of this enterprising foursome encourage kids to reach out to new friends, use their imaginations, and explore every possibility.

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