The Entwhistle Experiment – Glued (Book 1)

Book 1: Glued

Horatio Entwhistle was five years old when he blew up his bedroom for the first time. His scientist parents decided to build him a shed out the back where he could practice his experiments without burning down the house and where he could work on his latest invention, Stupendous Glue.

When his scientist parents are kidnapped by a gang wanting to steal their work, Horatio finds himself pitted against ruthless and determined men and women who will stop at nothing to gain the information they want.

It is up to Horatio and his friends, Wheels in his turbo-charged wheelchair and Ming Yi, lock-picker extraordinaire, to foil the gang, find Horatio’s parents and rescue them before it is too late. They are chased across Brisbane, captured by shady gang members and attacked by a guard dog, while never knowing exactly who is friend or foe. They use their intelligence, ingenuity and courage to try to beat the gang. And Horatio uses his Stupendous Glue in ways he could never have foreseen.

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