The Secret Of The Niello (Book 2)

Book 2: The secret of the Niello

The adventure continues in Robyn Collins’s action-packed new children’s story, The Secret of the Niello.

The final book in the Niello Necklace series finds Bun Hare once again in deadly danger after he discovers a series of clues and a diamond niello necklace in a secret room at his grandparents’ home. The clues convince him his parents are still alive. Bun and best friend Katie embark on a worldwide adventure as they head to Australia where they think Bun’s parents may be hiding under different names.

Accompanied by an FBI agent who may or may not be on Bun’s side, the group will have to overcome false leads, shady figures from the past, and a mysterious gunman who will stop at nothing to prevent Bun from finding out the truth about his parents.

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